Roundup: Bloomberg in Washington, Protesters in Albany

Charlie Rangel: His tele-town hall meeting tonight at 6:30pm, streams live. [Rangel]

Peter King Hearings: Round two, on “prison radicalization.” [Ben Smith]

Schumer’s Job: “Mr. Schumer must weigh the hopes and dreams of his most liberal members, who crave open ideological battle with Republicans, while watching the backs of moderates, who are pushing for their own deficit-reduction narrative.” [Steinhauer and Hernandez]

Gun Control: Not discussed when Bloomberg met Boehner.

John Haggerty: Judge says the case is not a victimless crime. [NY Post]

John Haggerty: Gag order. [Michael Howard Saul]

Cuomo’s Budget: Won’t blink, knowing it’ll define his tenure. [Fred Dicker]

Dicker and Chartock: David King once answered phones in Chartock’s office, but seems to have a healthy obsession with him now. [Gotham Gazette]

School Budgets: GOP restores $280 million. [Fertig and Reynolds]

School Budgets: State comptroller notes their troubles, in a video. [Tom DiNapoli]

Redistricting: Democratic leader sounded like a Republican, last year. [Liz Benjamin]

Disabled: Assemblyman Ortiz wants anyone spotlighted in the NYT’s story of abuse, fired. [City Room]

Disabled Protesters: “We hear what they are saying. We’re not deaf,” said Assemblyman Ortiz. [YouTube]

Protesting Cuomo: One guy wore a Chris Christie mask. [Nick Reisman]

Taxes: Skelos won’t support a millionaires tax, even if coupled with property tax cap. [Nick Reisman]

Corruption: A Kruger bill could have helped an alleged Kruger conspirator. [Celeste Katz]

Islamic Center: Still trying to stop it in the courts. [Fox]

Tea Party: “To spend taxpayer money on LIHEAP while the President enforces a ridiculous moratorium on drilling in the Gulf is unconscionable.” [Frank Santarpia]

Protesters: About a dozen of them shut down the Assembly. [Jimmy Vielkind]

Albany Ethics: “We can only hope that the Legislature, hounded by the FBI, will try to turn the heat down by agreeing to a really strong ethics bill. I bet they don’t.” [Alan Chartock]

Pictures: Ray Kelly, almost always cool. [City Room]

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