Roundup: Cuomo Staffs Up as Somebody Tweets for Sharpton

Military Trials: Underway again. [Bloomberg]

Gillibrand: Fighting for women. [WNYC]

Polls: Christie, warmer than Obama; cooler than Clinton. [Aaron Rutkoff]

Poll: Ron Paul warmer than Bloomberg. [Anna Sale]

Sentencing Hevesi: His replacement does not through him a lifeline. [Celeste Katz]

Same-Sex Marriage: Lady Gaga aims at a freshman GOP State Senator in Buffalo. [Liz B]

Peter King: Getting air-time ahead of his hearings. [Celeste Katz]

Redistricting: Democrats want to a public hearing on Cuomo’s proposal. [Casey Seiler]

Redistricting: “Political theater” says GOP spokesman. [AP]

Tax the Rich: Assembly Democrats support it, in a letter to Silver. [Liz B]

Tax the Rich: “Why the letter, dated Wednesday, is sent to Silver and not Cuomo is unclear because Silver has said he will include keeping the tax.” [Joe Spector]

Teacher Layoffs: Cut consultants, not teachers, says de Blasio. [Fox]

Transportation Bias: “Politicians, press, police and other privileged members of the political class all have one thing in common: An official parking placard on the dashboard of their personal vehicles.” [Aaron Naparstek]

Technology: The Department of Energy Protection goes wireless to catch leaky pipes, and save residents money. [NY1]

Koch Bridge: Avella opposes. [Liz B]

WTC: “Sources have said the Port Authority planned to put the sphere in storage for several years.” [DNA]

Al Sharpton: “During the week, somebody else handles my Twitter account. But on Sunday I do it myself.” [NYT]

Sharpton: Great photos. [NYT]

Literature: “As a young adult I came and read Wendell Berry, Thoreau and Emerson in the gardens and fields that were so carefully maintained.” [Bob Hennelly]

Queens: Chinese Anti-Cult World Alliance & Falun Gong “have staked out their turf on Main Street like rival gangs” [City Room]

School Cuts: A local perspective. [Northshore Sun]

Staffing Cuomo: A local hire to lead the Empire State Development Corp. [Jeremy Smerd]

Staffing Cuomo: “[Julie] Shimer is a nationally recognized leader in the computer networking and wireless-communications industries, according to Cuomo’s office.” [Greater Binghamton]

Art: “I guess it shouldn’t come as a surprise that, rather than address the isolation, poverty, and despair of these monochromatic works, Bloomberg gaudily refers to rolling with La Madame.” [Jon Cotner]

[with Meghan Keneally]


Roundup: Cuomo Staffs Up as Somebody Tweets for Sharpton