Roundup: Cuomo's Budget Sparks Outrage, Curiosity

State Budget: Cuomo said, “the legislature still has more work to do in refining what will be added.” [Jill Colvin]

State Budget: “[I]t still fails to address many of the issues near and dear to New Yorkers’ hearts, including reforms on property taxes, rent control and teacher layoffs.” []

State Budget: Why is NYC even getting AIM money from Albany anyway? [Larry Littlefield]

State Budget: “The mayor has said 6,100 teacher positions would have to be eliminated even if that money came through. Now even more positions could be at risk.” [NY1]

State Budget: “Progressive austerity,” is one way to describe it. [Jimmy Vielkind]

State Budget: Confessore has deja vu. [Twitter]

State Budget: Bloomberg’s “outrage” makes the headline. [El Diario]

State Budget: Expecting to collect cigarette taxes from Indian reservations, which is tricky. [Frank Parlato, Jr.]

State Budget: Pain for schools, despite being on-time, or early. [Jimmy Vielkind]

State Budget: $15 million in state funds for homeless efforts; city says Advantage Program may not be saved. [AP]

Taxing Millionaires: “I didn’t see a stake through its heart yet,” says Nolan. [Rick Karlin]

Discretionary Spending: “So Cuomo will direct $30 million of his own pot of capital projects funding, and will get the other $100 million by canceling plans to construct a consolidated data center.” [Jimmy Vielkind]

Bike Lanes: Someone’s polling. [Ben Fried]

Parking Perks: 3,500 parking placards given out by Cuomo’s administration. [Andrea Bernstein]

Media: “Quite a bit of psycho babble, but it also has quite a bit of good stuff in it,” Dicker says of New York magazine’s story about Cuomo, around the 27:33 mark. [Talk1300]

LGBT: A “blistering” letter to Cuomo. [Joe My God]

Funding: “We weren’t allowed to collect money for UNICEF.” [Bill O’Reilly]

Nuclear: More risks at Indian Point. [Elizabeth Dwoskin]

Nuclear: “[T]he NRC must answer questions about the seismic risk to the facility, and the safety of long-term radioactive waste storage,” writes Schneierman. [LoHud]

NY1: Readers debate Altschuler’s prospects. [NYO] Roundup: Cuomo's Budget Sparks Outrage, Curiosity