Roundup: 'I Wish I Were James Bond'

Taxis: Undercover video about them behaving badly. [City Room]

Schumer: Citing unrest in Middle East, he wants domestic oil reserves released. [SI Advance]

Labor: Cuomo’s point man has a rocky history with unions. [Michael Quint]

Peter King Hearings: Congressman holds firm. [The Caucus]

Peter King: “I wish I were James Bond” says the congressman in the novel written by the congressman. [City Room]

Labor Study: “the cost to the city of contributing to its employees’ retirement is “roughly equivalent” to a corporation’s cost for contributing to a standard defined-contribution retirement plan.” [City Room]

Labor: Liu speaks on a panel tomorrow about labor, wages, etc. [Katz]

Lawmakers vs Lobbyists: In Hockey; Weiner is suiting up. [Capitals]

Twitter: Al Jazeera tracks the trends in the Middle East. [via On the Media]

NY26: The Democratic pool. [Liz B]

NY26: Bellavia is keeping his options open. [Liz B]

Same-Sex Marriage: Unclear Cuomo can win over GOP. [WABC]

Transportation: Sadik-Khan’s supporters speak out. [Lisberg]

Transportation: “Ms. Sadik-Khan was not at the news conference; she was in Washington to give the keynote address at an event run by the League of American Bicyclists.” [Moynihan]

Matching Funds: Oddo wants it reduced from 6:1 to 2:1. [SI Advance]

Taxes: GOP lawmaker seeks to renew surcharge on wealthy. [Confessore]

Taxes: Malloy’s plan to boost taxes on those making $50,000 or more, not popular. [Anna Sale]

Media: Daily News Editor believes in print. [FishbowlNY]

NPR: Vivian Schiller resigns as CEO. [CNN]

Pictures: Obama and McCains. [Flickr]

Pictures: Biden and Kerry. [Flickr]


Roundup: 'I Wish I Were James Bond'