Roundup: King Holds Court in D.C.; Kruger, et al, Face Charges in New York

John Liu’s Report: Some important things to know about it from an expert. [Larry Littlefield]

Snow Storm: Bloomberg aides reject City Council recommendations. [WNYC]

Peter King Hearings: A great tick-tock. [Venugopal and Avirgan]

Peter King Hearings: His claims about CAIR are true, but “lack context,” and “ultimately gives a false impression.” [WaPo]

Peter King Hearings: “Without exception, every Democrat who spoke bemoaned the hearing’s focus on Muslims.” [Reid Epstein]

Peter King Hearings: “If Republican legislators who deployed restraint are willing to tell their own base that Muslim Americans are not the enemy, the hearings may ultimately have a net positive effect.” [Plum Line]

Peter King Hearings: “[R]eally no way to predict how the exchange between the White House and King is interpreted in the Arab world.” [Thrush]

Peter King Hearings: “King significantly amped down his own rhetoric.” [Justin Elliott]

Peter King Hearings: He quoted Obama officials about the threat of homegrown terrorism. [NYT]

Peter King Hearings: “struck a largely balanced, civil tone as he opened the hearing.” [McClatchy]

Peter King Hearings: “[T]he morning’s mostly polite hearing felt like a media showcase without much new content.” [Jewish Journal]

Peter King Hearings: “[He] had extra security Thursday from Capitol Police who are securing the congressional hearing room and surrounding areas, as well as his office. That’s on top of a larger security detail provided by the New York Police Department and the Nassau County, N.Y., police, who have been guarding King for the past few months. [Fox]

Peter King Hearings: Yvette Clarke’s critique makes the headline. [Guardian]

Peter King Hearings: Top ten quotes. [Esquire]

Peter King Hearings: Pictures of who’s who. [National Journal]

Peter King Hearings: Politeness abounds. [CNN]

Carl Kruger: His money is problematic for Democrats. [Joe Spector]

Carl Kruger: “Dr. Turano’s mother, Dorothy Turano, described Senator Kruger as a ‘friend’ in a brief interview through the intercom at their house.” [NYT]

Corruption: Birgid Bergin (get her a blog!) explains the Moreland Act. [WNYC]

Corruption: Lipsky fired from clients who he didn’t list on lobbying reports. [Celeste Katz]

Corruption: Samspon says the charges are “serious,” then goes silent. [Vielkind]

Corruption: Silver responds to “deplorable” actions of “few bad apples” in legislature. [Liz B]

Corruption: Deja Vu [Brennan Center]

Corruption: Today, for some reason, is historic. [Liz B]

Unions: Chris Christie complains, “They want to negotiate and get everything they can at the bargaining table…and then when they get it – they want to lock it in by statute so that you can never negotiate it again.” [WNYC]

Public Pension: EJ McMahon’s presentation tomorrow morning is here. [Manhattan Institute]

Tax the Rich: Republican Bonacic points to statement, runs away from cameraman. [Capital Tonight]

Media: Bill Keller gets aggravated at being aggregated. [Hagey]

Media: Another video from Keefe about NPR. [Hagey]

Pictures: Bloomberg donates blood. [Flickr]

Pictures: Bloomberg looking at Bloomberg. [Haha]

Roundup: King Holds Court in D.C.; Kruger, et al, Face Charges in New York