Roundup: Leaking a Cuomo Document, Protecting a Bloomberg Legacy

Health Care: “despite all the talk about repealing, scaling back or striking down, this massive, complicated package of new laws is, for the most part, the same as it was a year ago.” [Anna Sale]

Leaked Budget Memo: “What strikes me as interesting here is the fact that the executive branch seems to be open to suggestions put forth by both the Senate and the Assembly, depending on the issue.” [Liz Benjamin]

State Budget: Cuomo was in Syracuse, speaking. [American Banking News]

State Budget: Skelos tells Cuomo not to “flaunt” his power, since he already has it. [Glenn Blain]

Protesters: They block the entrance to Cuomo’s door; Perkins and Diaz don’t stick around to get arrested. [Celeste Katz]

State Budget: “[T]he Legislature is going to adopt 95 percent of what he outlined earlier” said State Senator Jeff Klein. [Nick Reisman]

Koch’s Bridge: It passes, 38-12. [Clemente Lisi]

Koch’s Bridge: “Christine Quinn said the Council wanted to honor the 86 year-old former mayor while he’s still around to enjoy it.” [Erin Einhorn]

Koch’s Bridge: Transcript of Council hearing where it was approved. [Scribd]

Koch’s Bridge: Dan Amira won’t use the new name. [NYmag]

Green Book: 77 people bought them last year, even though it wasn’t updated since 2008.

NYC Mayor: “I think Bloomberg’s aides care deeply about the numbers because they don’t want to be seen as the team that let Bloomberg’s legacy fall apart” says Bob Hardt. [Capital New York]

Media: Ask about the paywall at [FishbowlNY]

Media: Weiner says he’s not sure going on Fox News (which he does often) has any value. [DailyKos]

Media: “when journalists are called on to redirect the corporate culture of an organization, sometimes it works in a small way, but usually it doesn’t; and almost never on a vast scale. If management’s idea for a brand overhaul is to import cool, or gravitas, or intelligence, the best-case scenario is almost always that the importees exist successfully but completely separately: valuable parts that don’t add much to the sum. (Part Two is they always leave.)” [Tom McGeveran]

Added: Schneiderman investigates rising gas prices, in the Southern Tier. [Haley Burton] Roundup: Leaking a Cuomo Document, Protecting a Bloomberg Legacy