Roundup: 'Obvious Omissions' in Washington, 'Devastating' Cuts in NYC

News Montage: Japan, Peter King, Keith Ellison, Brooke Gladstone, et al. [Jody Avirgan]

Japan: Bloomberg directs NYC aid there. [AP]

Hawaii: Hit with tsunami waves. [AP]

Peter King Hearings: “There were obvious omissions from the witness stand. Namely, the Muslim community.” [Arun Venugoapl]

Pay Cap: Glick aims at hospital executives. [Liz B]

Public Sector: Cribs, Teacher Edition. [Jon Stewart, via Edwize]

State Cuts: “Devastating” to NYC homeless program. [Celeste Katz]

Redistricting: Bob Abrams joins the fight. [Rick Karlin]

Corruption: Journo goes to Turano mansion and asks, “Is Senator Kruger here?” [Tony Gatto]

Corruption: “[P]henomenon of hypocritical politicians who live gay lives in secret, but vote against gay issues in public, is not reserved for only one side of the aisle.” [Chris Rovzar]

Corruption: Where Kruger steered money. [Brooklyn Ink]

Corruption: If GOP doesn’t like Kruger, why did they give him a chairmanship and money? [Dan Janison]

Corruption: Only 74% think Kruger had the worst week. Pete King a distant second. [City Hall News]

Corruption: “[P]lenty of secretly gay politicians who opposed gay marriage; Kruger appears to be the first secretly gay-married pol to have done so.” [Gawker]

Coup: “What the four amigos did in the Senate was right..[Jeff Klein and others] are benefiting from what we did.” [Ruben Dias Sr.]

Health Care: Points to a smart defense of trial bar. [Forbes]

Budget: A surplus in Nassau. [Newsday]

Labor: CT governor having a harder time than NY governor. [Anna Sale]

Fortunes: Bloomberg, still rich. [Adweek]

Birthdays: Rupert Murdoch. [FishbowlNY]


Roundup: 'Obvious Omissions' in Washington, 'Devastating' Cuts in NYC