Roundup: Schneiderman Aims at Indian Point, Critics Target Cuomo's School Numbers

Park Slope: “Ever since a magnitude 8.9 earthquake destabilized the four-reactor Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear power plant 6,611 miles away, there has been a run on potassium iodide tablets at the co-op.” [Matt Chaban]

Audio Montage: Obama, Rep. Yvette Clarke, Yoko Ono. [Jody Avirgan]

2012: Since video about Gifford’s shooting, Palin “has been on a downward trajectory,” says John Heilemann [Morning Joe].

Obeying Cuomo: Legislators can’t fight Cuomo too much, thanks to Paterson’s precedent. [Karen DeWitt]

Tracking Cuomo: “Governor avoids downstate” is the sub-head of an article titled, “Where’s Cuomo?” [Amsterdam News, page 4.] update: link to image of story, added.

Nuclear: Eric Schneiderman adds his voice to shut down Indian Point. [Glenn Blain]

Nuclear: The Nuclear Regulatory Commission “is to nuclear power today what the SEC was to Wall Street three years ago” says Richard Brodsky. [CBS]

Nuclear: Bloomberg notes Indian Point provides lots of power. [Bob Hennelly]

School Funding: Refuting Cuomo’s numbs. [Liz Benjamin]

School Funding: “Despite the anticipated cuts in state support, the city Department of Education still plans to provide $210 million to help charter schools build new facilities.” [Gail Robinson]

2013: Ray Kelly makes first appearance at LGBT-inclusive parade in Queens; doesn’t want to talk parade politics much. [Andy Humm]

Cameras in Court: Still trying. [John Eligon]

Camera on Actvists: “James O’Keefe…refused to be videotaped when he spoke to a tea party group.” [AP, Asbury Park Press]

TV Debates: Hannity tells Weiner “you’re going to have to man up, you’re going to have to sit at the table and put your pants on.” [Fox]

Tabloid War: Daily News wins today, with good reporting on a local crime story. [Tom McGeveran]

Spoofing Bloomberg: Steier previews the Inner Circle Show in the “For the Record” column. [The Chief, no link]

Pictures: David Dinkins, awesome tuxedo. []

  Roundup: Schneiderman Aims at Indian Point, Critics Target Cuomo's School Numbers