Roundup: Speaking Out on Peter King, Attacking Corwin

NY-26: Democrats attack Corwin as a “Wall Street banker and Albany politician.” [Capital Tonight]

Peter King Hearings: Bloomberg oddly quiet; de Blasio steps forward. [Ben Smith]

Peter King Hearings: “[T]here’s no comparable argument against the King hearings now.” [Commentary Magazine]

Peter King Hearings: Gets help from NYPD staffer for 2 years. [Capital Tonight]

Parades: St. Pat’s parade-goers won’t march past where Bloomberg joked about. [Murray Weiss]

Blogs: Dedicated to images of the mayor. [Tumblr]

Campaign Money: A judge criticized the Independence Party’s use of Bloomberg’s money. [Adam Lisberg]

Education Politics: Silver applaud’s Tisch’s re-election; GOP say the process was rigged. [Celeste Katz]

Tabloid Wars: The Post wins, despite their headline. [McGeveran]

Schneiderman: Gets $1 million settlement from a debt-relief company. [AP]

Albany Traditions: Archbishop Dolan admires some. [Times Union]

Same-Sex Marriage: Picking up Russell Simmons’ message, pushing it forward. [Capehart]

NPR: “Frankly, it is very clear that we would be better off in the long run without federal funding,” NPR executive Ron Schiller said. [Fox]

Hoax: “A fake website about Muslims created by right-wing bloggers confirmed everything right-wing bloggers believe about Muslims.” [Justin Elliott]

Twitter: If he figures out how to use it, he may be worth following. [Mike Murphy] Roundup: Speaking Out on Peter King, Attacking Corwin