Rumors & Acquisitions: Image-Based Intelligence

It was a fun week on the internet, wasn’t it guys? We were so giggly over New Work City’s fake

It was a fun week on the internet, wasn’t it guys? We were so giggly over New Work City’s fake decks that we almost neglected our rumor trafficking! So we cast a wide net with this week’s shameless rumor soliciting, and came back with a wide range of live, squirming items from all over the start-up sea. Enjoy:

Adam Neary’s tell-all blog post about Profitably’s exhausting quest for funding made a big splash this week in the normally hypersensitive climate of the New York start-up scene. Founders and VCs have been muttering, speculating to Betabeat that the post was unwisely frank, especially in its discussion of the institutional New York Angels. Will our hero suffer a backlash?

Zach Greenberger, the New York developer behind the fastest-growing Facebook application in January, Profile Banner, was recently the victim of a Hong Kong-based Facebook app syndicate.Profile Banner had more than a million users 12 days after launch when Facebook inexplicably shut it down. The black hat MiniMax swept in with an application of the same exact name and content scraped from the original Profile Banner. “It sounds like they often copy successful applications and take their names,” Mr. Greenberger told Betabeat. “It was suggested that they might have been responsible for getting me shut down by filing fake complaints against me. But I have no proof of that. And the more distance I get from the incident, I’m more inclined to believe it was bad luck. I’ve heard from other sources that Facebook has automated systems in place to detect applications that are growing ‘too fast.'” But the story has a happy ending. Facebook tossed the imposters and Mr. Greenberger is back on top with more than three million users and a new app, Top Friend Photos.

Blind item!: We’re hearing that a certain media start-up is in talks to buy Know Your Meme. “I haven’t heard the price, but whatever it is, I’m sure it’s lower than those guys are worth,” a source told Betabeat. “I know that everyone’s happy to see them break free of Andrew Baron.

What a tease!: Now that they’ve got the cash money, Forrst is announcing something big next week! “We’re about to do something pretty awesome but that’s all I can say,” Kyle Bragger said when Betabeat harassed him about it. Mr. Bragger did not give in to the temptation to squeal, but was too excited to keep totally mum–he sent these three images from Google as hints. “But it’s not what you think!” he said. Okay, so it’s not a daily deal site for drug lords? We’re stumped!

Obtuse item!: It’s rumored that the titillating slogan “money, power and the city” may soon be up for grabs, if any start-ups out there are scouting for a tagline. (Business Insider? Hashable?) Rumors & Acquisitions: Image-Based Intelligence