Rumors & Acquisitions: The Gchat Edition

What a weekend! We were hoping some news would come out of the East Williamsburg hoedown hosted by Lauren Leto, but we heard there “weren’t that many tech people.” And then Tumblr was all Super Moon everything. Boooring! Fortunately we were still able to scare up some gossip using the essential tool of journalism, Gchat. Such as:

March Hackathon Madness: The aggressively-expanding 54-hour hackathon Start-up Weekend “wants to absorb” the 48-hour New York-based hackathon Lean Start-up Machine, says a source. We got LSM’s Trevor Owens on the phone, who confirmed that Start-up Weekend wants to work with them. Funny, because the larger hackathon totally rebuffed Mr. Owens when he first approached them about hosting an event. “It’s like, well you guys kinda didn’t believe in us,” Mr. Owens said. “We’re not sure it’s in our best interests.” He has only good things to say about Start-up Weekend–it was his inspiration, after all–and he anticipates the two ventures will work together in some way. But LSM has its own brand, has hosted three events so far in 2011 with two more coming up next week and in April, and is considering becoming a consultancy as well as a hackathon host. Start-up Weekend’s marketing rep Jennifer Cabala pooh-poohed the idea that they might want to acquire LSM–“We are not absorbing Lean Startup Machine, Startup Bus or anyone else. We are focused on our current rapid growth of our own events — set to top 200 this year.” Well!

Bulking Up: Mr. Owens also revealed that the coworking space Dogpatch Labs has acquired a pull-up bar as a result of his enthusiasm for home fitness, a passion shared by employees of start-ups The Fridge and Fast Society.

Pretty Pictures: New York start-ups have posted pictures of South By Southwest parties! The Hashable/Daily Booth/SPIN Magazine/GroupMe Major Rager, Fast Society‘s house party, Mashable events and Crowdtap‘s party are now online for your viewing pleasure.

Ashton Kutcher and Chris Dixon have both invested in a stealth start-up, but Mr. Dixon demurred when we asked him to talk about the deal, saying it was too early to discuss. Let the irresponsible speculation begin!

Rumors & Acquisitions: The Gchat Edition