Sampson Raises Money By Laughing at Sampson

State Senate Democratic Leader John Sampson is going to raise money by having freshman Democratic colleagues make fun of him at an April 11 fundraiser in Albany, according to two sources.

The format, as I understand it, will be lawmakers getting on stage and acting as stand-up comedians. The theme will, of course, be political jokes, and quite a few are intended to be about the man whose coffers they’re there to fill. (Because really, who’ll pay to see people make fun of someone from another party, when it’s free on television. )

As the New York City press corps demonstrated this weekend, making political jokes funny is not easy, despite an abundance of material.

I’m sure the people who read this site could come up with infinitely better material than anything most lawmakers would dare use. So, if you have a joke you want to share, leave it in the comments section.

And, in case there’s any question, jokes left in the comments will not count as an in-kind contribution.


Sampson Raises Money By Laughing at Sampson