Schaer quizzes Rosen about safety-net program cuts

David Rosen, head of the Office of Legislative Services, said Tuesday some line items may have been over-budgeted, resulting in hundreds of millions of dollars being “lapsed,” and leading to questions from a Budget Committee member about harm done to safety-net programs.

Money that is “lapsed” is unspent and goes back to the general or surplus funds, he told the Assembly Budget Committee.

It is predicted there will be $600 million in lapsed funds in the current year, according to Rosen.

Assemblyman Gary Schaer, (D-36), of Passaic, asked how it is possible there is a “sizable” surplus, yet some important social safety net programs saw cuts in services.

Rosen said he has asked the various departments to see what programs were cut.  He added that projections made last year may have been too high.

“The amount that was appropriated provided more money than was necessary,” Rosen said. Schaer quizzes Rosen about safety-net program cuts