Schumer and Gillibrand Push for Same-Sex Marriage

The two new videos from the Human Rights Coalition features New York’s two U.S. Senators, signaling that there’s really no reason for any Democratic legislator in Albany not to vote for same-sex marriage, which could come up by June.

Schumer, a Brooklyn native, helps steer the Democrats nationally; and Gillibrand has become an avid supporter of LGBT issues, compared to her days as a congresswoman from a Republican-leaning upstate district. 

The HRC is also signaling they’ll raise money for Republicans who support their community, as they’re doing tonight in Manhattan for Susan Collins, a senator from Maine. 

It seems hard to recall that not too long ago, Gillibrand was not the darling the LGBT community. In this video, she comes off earnest and even chipper (especially compare to Schumer). Gillibrand, at one point, says cheerfully, “Every generation in America has stood up against an injustice of their day. This is our moment.”

Update: A reader notes that Gillibrand was ahead of Schumer in coming out in favor of same sex marriage. This NYT article reminds us that back in 1996, Schumer voted for the Defense of Marriage Act.

Schumer and Gillibrand Push for Same-Sex Marriage