SDA priorities will again be questioned at hearing set at Trenton High School

TRENTON – The city high school will become ground zero Wednesday for the ongoing battle that features Schools Development Authority chief Marc Larkins, the SDA’s schools construction priorities, and Democrats displeased with how projects have been prioritized.

Sen. Donald Norcross, (D-5), Camden will chair a meeting of the School Facilities and Construction subcommittee within the Legislature’s Joint Committee on the Public Schools at Trenton High School on Wednesday. 

The committee is scheduled to hear testimony from Marc Larkins, CEO of the SDA, which recently released its approved list of new school construction projects. 

Last week, Assembly Speaker Sheila Oliver formally asked State Auditor Stephen Eells to review the process by which the SDA selected those projects, citing concerns raised by  Norcross and others.

“I look forward to hearing more information from the SDA about their school construction priorities for this year and moving forward,” said  Norcross. 

“I know that many school officials and parents across New Jersey, as well as my colleagues in the Legislature, have serious concerns about how this process unfolded, and we intend to address their issues at this meeting. The children of Camden City, Gloucester City, Trenton, and across this state that must continue to attend substandard, often dangerous school facilities deserve to know how and when they can expect relief.”

At an earlier Assembly Education Committee hearing, Bonnie Watson Coleman, (D-15), Ewing instructed Larkins to prepare for the committee written explanations of how the projects that made SDA’s top-10 list were arrived at.

Coleman has been questioning how Trenton Central High School did not make such a list.





  SDA priorities will again be questioned at hearing set at Trenton High School