Senators want to erase antiquated laws

TRENTON – Old laws from a bygone era concerning women’s right to own property and keeping all the money they earned from a job are still in the state’s law books.

Now two senators want to discard those antiquated laws from an age when women did not have equal rights.

That’s what a bill before the Senate Judiciary Committee Thursday would do.  S2665 calls for repealing “obsolete statutes” concerning various aspects of a woman’s life that were enacted several centuries ago.

It is sponsored by Sen. Loretta Weinberg, (D-37), of Teaneck, and Sen. Jennifer Beck, (R-12) , of Red Bank.

Among the statutes that would be repealed are ones about married women having the right to own property. Under that statute, which is part of the “Married Women’s Property Acts,” restrictions were placed on property rights for women.

The state Law Revision Commission recommended that statute be repealed, dismissing the law as “a demeaning relic.”

“(T)hese statutes are no longer needed, as there is no question today that married women have equal rights to property,” the bill states.

Other statutes being addressed concern wills and marriage.

Senators want to erase antiquated laws