Seven (actually eight) Days in Mayhem

Notice to the general public: you may experience a front porch onslaught from a lot of people you don’t know – and likely don’t want to know – desperately seeking your approval in the early days of April.

April 3rd is the deadline for a redistricting map. April 11th is the deadline for candidate petitions for the primary elections. Eight days.

But don’t worry, the state Division of Elections will sort out those petition signatures that come from those towns – if any – that are no longer in prospective candidates’ legislative district post-redistricting.

Uh, right?


“Please be advised that the 2011 redistricting of the State Legislative Districts have not been finalized,” a blurb reads on the Division of Elections website. “If you file your nomination petition prior to the lines being finalized, it will be your responsibility to review, and if necessary amend, your nomination petition to ensure that you have a minimum of 100 voter signatures in the applicable legislative district on or before the April 11, 2011 filing deadline.

“If your petition requires amending due to redistricting and you do not amend, you risk the possibility of being challenged and removed as a candidate.” Seven (actually eight) Days in Mayhem