Shorty Awards Pits “Tienannmen Square” Against “Snowpocalypse 2010”

A gaggle of mid tier celebs will descend on the NY Times building Monday night to bestow some glass trophies on folks with hella Twitter followers. That’s right people, the Shorty Awards are back.

This year they’ve roped some of New York’s other short form standouts into the mix, meaning for the first time ever the Shorty’s will present an award to the Foursquare Mayor of the year.

Finalists include Alexandra Klasinski, who was mayor of the Momofuku Noodle Bar when she was nominated, but has since lost her pole position. Not to worry she says,  “I have a few other Mayorships that are morning coffee and drunk-pizza related.”

There is also a Foursquare location of the year pitting the historical significant and politically sensitive “Tienanmen Square” against the roving slushy fury of “Snowpocalypse 2010”.

The former led to a ban on Foursquare in China following sensitive comments by users. The latter included tag words such “yellow snow,” “freezing kisses” and “the white stuff”.





  Shorty Awards Pits “Tienannmen Square” Against “Snowpocalypse 2010”