State Treasurer’s budget committee appearance postponed

Ladies and Gentlemen Andrew Sidamon-Eristoff is not in the building.

State Treasurer Sidamon-Eristoff’s appearance Monday before the Senate Budget and Appropriations Committee has been postponed.

Initially the committee had wanted to push up the starting time of his afternoon appearance due to a reapportionment meeting also scheduled for this afternoon.

Democratic Budget Committee Chairman Paul Sarlo and Republican committee-member Kevin O’Toole sit on their respective party’s redistricting committees, and have been called to a meeting in New Brunswick this afternoon.  One Democratic staffer said it is likely the meeting will be rescheduled to another time to accommodate the redistricting committee.

Sarlo said he has tried to contact the treasurer to move up his appearance but was unsuccessful.  The committee spent the morning hearing from OLS Budget Director David Rosen.

The deadline for the production of the new legislative map is Sunday and commission members have been working furiously to finalize the process. State Treasurer’s budget committee appearance postponed