Still Senator Working Mom

In the past few months, Senator Kirsten Gillibrand has gotten lots of attention for her work on liberal causes like Don’t Ask Don’t Tell and DOMA, along with her strong defense of women’s and reproductive rights.

But, make no mistake, she’s still Senator Working Mom.

In the early days of her appointment, as the upstate congresswoman was still acclimating to her new statewide office, Gillibrand set out a “kids-first agenda” that looked at legislation through the lens of her role as a mother of two young boys.

That profile couldn’t help but expand during two years in the Senate, and as she embarked on her first statewide campaign (“jobs” was a common refrain), but she got back to her Working Mom roots today, introducing a bill with Long Island Congressman Tim Bishop called the Safe Teen and Novice Driver Uniform Protection Act that would introduce uniform standards for state driving tests.

“I have two young boys at home, and like any parent, their safety and well-being means everything to me,” Gillibrand said in a press release. “As parents, we know that the day will come when each of our children will get behind the wheel of a car. As a parent and as a lawmaker, I want to make sure we take every reasonable safety precaution to ensure that our teen drivers are safe and well-prepared for the serious responsibility that comes with getting a license.”

Still Senator Working Mom