Sunday Reading: Ferraro Is Remembered, Cuomo Is Negotiating, Bloomberg Is Entertaining

Geraldine Ferraro: Obama said, “Sasha and Malia will grow up in a more equal America because of the life Geraldine Ferraro chose to live.” [Jonathan Lemire]

Geraldine Ferraro: “[She] emboldened women across the country to seek public office and helped lay the groundwork for Hillary Rodham Clinton’s presidential candidacy.” [Beth Fouhy and Jay Lindsay]

Geraldine Ferraro: “I went from being a kid who lost her father and who lived in the South Bronx to almost going in to live in the White House,” she said. [NY Post]

Geraldine Ferraro: Was a long-shot candidate when she ran for congress. [Douglas Martin]

Geraldine Ferraro: “Her confident campaigning set a precedent that a woman could credibly campaign for one of the highest offices in the land.” [Stephen Miller]

Obama in Harlem: Raising money on Tuesday. [Jonathan Lemire]

Census: Schumer wants an investigation. [Cynthia Fagen]

Census: Schumer said, “”For the census director to just shrug his shoulders … isn’t good enough.” [Tina Moore]

Messaging Bloomberg: The mayor defended outsourcing. [Adam Lisberg]

State Budget: No deal yet. [Brendan Scott and Fred Dicker]

State Budget: “Despite expressions of optimism, Friday failed to produce a budget agreement.” [Jimmy Vielkind]

State Budget: “Instead of swallowing the Cuomo proposal whole, the Legislature should fashion a fair system that cuts out the givebacks to the wealthy while driving more money toward the starving, poorer districts that so desperately need it.” [New York Times]

State Budget: “Instead of the usual three men in a room that has marked past budget negotiations, the governor met separately at times with Silver and Senate Majority Leader Dean Skelos, R-Rockville, leading to much speculation that the sides were engaged in a game of fiscal chance to try to box each other in.” [Bob McCarthy]

Driving Markowitz: Three drivers on sixteen-hour shifts, moving him around from 8 a.m.. to midnight, 7 days a week. [David Seifman]

Bloggers in Washington: They “have become destination reading for – and respected by – the city’s power elite. Indeed, arguably they are themselves approaching power-elite status (as well as, gasp, age 30). [Sridhar Pappu]

Erie County: Dems don’t have a candidate to challenge Chris Collins. [Buffalo News]

Inner Circle: Mamma Mia theme. [NY Post]

Inner Circle: Mamma Mayor. [Jonathan Lemire]

Inner Circle: Photo collection. [Gothamist]

Inner Circle: Footage. [NY1]

Sunday Routines: No radio, lots of cleaning for Diane Savino. [Liz Harris]

Sunday Reading: Ferraro Is Remembered, Cuomo Is Negotiating, Bloomberg Is Entertaining