Sunday Reading: Military Strikes in Libya, Newspaper Probe of City Council

Libya: Military action. [NY Times]

Libya: “We will exterminate every traitor and collaborator with America, Britain, France and the crusader coalition,” said Gadhafi. [WSJ]

Libya: “[Y]ou will always remain my son, and I have all the love for you as a son, and I do not want your image to change with me,” Qaddafi wrote to Obama. [NY Times]

Travels: Rep. Grimm going on 6-day trip to the Middle East; details withheld. Spokeswoman tells me he’s already left. [Judy Randall]

Nuclear: Why what happened to Japanese plants won’t happen to the three in Oswego County. [Tim Knauss]

State Budget: Legislature accepts Cuomo’s framework, but “It also means that even if lawmakers pass a budget on time, it could be weeks or months before anyone knows that it means.” [Teri Weaver]

State Budget: Cuomo “is refusing to impose any new taxes…That makes no fiscal sense.” [NY Times]

NY26: “This will be Main Street versus Wall Street” says Erie County Democratic leader, as Dems pick Kathleen Hochul to oppose GOP’s Jane Corwin. [Robert McCarthy]

Federal Budget: Reps. Grimm and Hayworth criticized from the Right for voting with Democrats on budget bill; Grimm burdened with praise from Schumer. [Devlin Barrett]

City Budget: Snow storms and tornado cost city $100 million. [Michael Saul]

Investigations: Editors praise Schneiderman for probing State Senator Shirley Huntley. [NY Post]

City Scandals: Greg Smith leads probe of NYC Council; among the findings: 4 City Council members get tax breaks claiming primary residence outside their district. [Daily News]

Council Pay Raises: Editors mock the notion; form their own panel to adjudicate the matter. [Daily News]

Carl Kruger: Got campaign contributions from people connected to Nets project, where he steered public money. [Gary Buiso & Aaron Short]

Carl Kruger: A deep look at his ties to the Turano brothers. [NY Times]

Carl Kruger: Hand-written notes and documents. [NY Times]

John Haggerty: Got $120,000 from Bloomberg before getting another nearly $1 million for campaign work. [David Seifman]

NYC Education: Cathie Black “has not made a major speech to demonstrate a passion and vision for the system, or to lay out a progress report on her learning curve.” Interview with Black denied. [Michael Goodwin]

LIFO: More disagreement between Bloomberg and Cuomo. [Brendan Scott & Carl Campanile]

Revitalization: Landlor charges just $100 a month, but asks for a lot in return. [Dwight Garner]

Fracking: Lift the ban, editors tell Cuomo. [NY Post]

NYC Housing: “There is no compelling case for allowing apartments to leave the stabilization system simply because repairs are made,” Assembly Speaker writes in an op-ed. [Daily News]

NYC Cops: 300 aren’t “trusted” by NYPD to carry guns, do “menial” tasks and cost city $22 million annually. [Reuven Blau & Brad Hamilton]

City Hall: No solar panels as renovation costs “zoomed another 12 percent…to $119 million.” [David Seifman]

Wire Taps: Percy Sutton investigated by FBi for bribery, but never charged. [Ginger Adam Otis]

Political Philosophy: “[B]enevolent dictatorship is the way you get things done…Democracy doesn’t work” said SI Borough President Molinaro. [Tom Wrobleski]

Q&A: Eliot Spitzer. [Andrew Goldman] Sunday Reading: Military Strikes in Libya, Newspaper Probe of City Council