Sweet Music! Russian Composer Will Break Condo Record at the Plaza

Last month, word got out that Igor Krutoy was preparing to buy a $40 million condo at the Plaza Hotel, nearly but not quite a record buy. Yet it almost seemed like he was desperate to make a splash, as he mulled condos over the $50 million mark at buildings such as 15 Central Park West.

Well, the best-selling Russian composer has gone ahead and broken the condo record after all, as the Post reports Krutoy is actually paying $48 million for his new 6,000-sqaure-foot home on the 12th floor of the converted hotel. That still does not surpass the $53 million J. Christopher Flowers paid for the Harkness Mansion, but it does top Carlos Slim’s purchase of the Duke Semans Mansion for $44 million.

That makes this the most expensive sale since the housing bubble popped.

The most expensive staff apartment, a $3 million home for the super, can also be found at the Plaza, though the per-square-foot record still belongs to 15 Central Park West, where William Lie Zeckendorf made $828.33 for every one of his illustrious Robert A.M. Stern-designed inches. How long before the building steals its crown back from the Plaza?

And now, without further ado, here is one of Krutoy’s fullsome hits, so you know where all that money came from.

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Sweet Music! Russian Composer Will Break Condo Record at the Plaza