Tallest Building in Town Adds Bike Racks 2.0

Today the World’s Most Famous Office Building announced the completion of the installation of bike racks as part of its ongoing sustainability initiative. The only thing, though, is the “bike racks” aren’t really bike racks, but rather a whole “dedicated bicycle storage room … purpose-built to provide secured and weather protected bicycle storage for tenants.”

Isn’t modesty great?

The dedicated bicycle storage room is located on the street level and is available free of charge for Empire State Building tenants with a special access card Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. The release goes on to point out that the plan is in keeping with Mayor Bloomberg’s plan-turned-culture-war-battlefield for the city to designate 1,800 miles of bike lanes by 2030.

mcoyne@observer.com Tallest Building in Town Adds Bike Racks 2.0