The Daily's Audio Comments: March 30's Greatest Hits

For you poor souls who go iPad-less, The Daily, Rupert Murdoch’s much ballyhooed iPad newspaper, has audio comments. The results are just about as awesome as you would expect.

Because, we, at The Observer, are committed to giving the technology-deprived among you a little taste of what you’re missing out on, we’ve compiled a short list of The Daily’s top audio comments for today, March 30.

Reader audio comments, much like the text comments which are capped at three lines, are capped at a minute.

“Just a test.”
-ryanparke, from “Sound Off: America’s Third War”

“The Lybian war shouldn’t be comapred to the Iraq War, since Lybia has a significantly smaller population than Iraq.”
-Bryant, from “Sound Off: America’s Third War”

“I’m confused…and depend upon my president to tell me what we should be doing.”
-irishwarrior, from “Sound Off: America’s Third War”

“Lies, lies, lies and more lies. A ill-concieved plan, rather, no plan. No exit strategy. no clear definition of what the goals are. No mission statement. No congressional approval. This whole thing smells.”
-jriester, from “Sound Off: America’s Third War”

“Hi, this is Eric from Scottsdale, Arizona. As you can tell by this article mobile is here to stay. Mobile is now. If you’re a marketer and you’re not using mobile in any aspect of your marketing landscape, you’re totally missing a boat. Get on board. Mobile is here to stay.”
-MobileMe, from the “Texting Evolved” video story (that’s right, The Daily has moving pictures you luddites)

And last, but not least, from commenter KGSmooth, posting in “Sound Off: America’s Third War,” who possesses the same deep voice and easy diction as a late night radio DJ…

“I think the president is doing the right thing,” he begins, as the smooth R&B starts playing in the background. “He’s got the support of the other United Nation countries and he’s doing what’s best. Had he not done anything, then people would be saying ‘Well, why isn’t he doing anything?’ So, he’s a smart man. He has America’s best interests at heart. And I don’t think he’s going to allow another Iraq situation to happen.”

  The Daily's Audio Comments: March 30's Greatest Hits