The DiVincenzo double dip

The Essex County building in downtown Newark is rampant with talk that leaked into the corridors this week that the man at the top of the heap, Essex County Executive Joseph DiVincenzo, is still working on the taxpayer dime despite the fact that he retired last year.

 According to state records, the powerful county executive retired in August and is collecting a pension of nearly $70,000.  Records list his final employer as Essex County and his final salary as $153,207.

But DiVincenzo still holds the powerful post despite having filed his papers. How?  State law allows for an elected official to retire and then re-enter the system in the same job title.   Only elected officials are granted the exemption and DiVincenzo, who has been vocal about pension and benefit reform, is taking advantage.

Essex County sources say his salary remains the same while he collects the pension.

DiVincenzo was reelected in November to a four year term. He could not be reached for comment.


The DiVincenzo double dip