The Double-Your-Money Flips Continue at 15 CPW

As founders of one of the city’s most important real estate law firms, Gary Rosenberg and Warren Estis have an eye for real estate deals, and they have just snagged one for themselves at the inimitable 15 Central Park West.

On March 1, they sold a three-bedroom on the 26th floor of the Zeckendorf-developed limestone wonder for $16.5 million, according to city records—more than twice the $7.13 million StreetEasy says the attorneys paid for the 2,761-square-foot condo in January 2008. They doubled their money in just three years, and got very nearly the $16.995 million they had been asking since December 2009. The home had been tenanted until the date of the condo’s close, according to an old listing from Trump’s Debra Stotts.

Ms. Stotts’ listing brags about a potential buyer’s pedigreed neighbors: “Famous residents include(d) actor Denzel Washington, NASCAR driver Jeff Gordon and chairman Brian France, musician Sting, director Norman Lear, real estate developers Aaron & William Zeckendorf, Citigroup chairman Sandy Weill and many high network financial executives”

Could the buyer, listed as Odysseus NY LLC, be one of the above? Or perhaps yet another one of those Greek shipping magnates has bought up another of our premier apartments.

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