The Times Square Hack, For Realz This Time

Viral pranksters ThinkModo scored a big hit recently with their video hoax showing  man hacking the big screens in Times Square using just his iPhone.

Turns out Adi Isakovic, a 27-year-old entrepreneur from Toronto, actually built technology that will do just that, he even pitched it to MTV last fall.

The buzz from ThinkModo’s video helped Isakovic score some screen time to test his product, TubeMote.

This is his second chance at redemption. Back when he was 16, Isakovic invented an interactive video screen to be installed in the back of cabs, but never got that project off the ground. New York really hates this guy.

His current project has almost depleted his bank account, so this big break was key. “The clock was ticking. That was the part that was the most draining,” he told the Toronto Star.

Sadly the real thing is unlikely to attract as much notice as stunt, in large part because the real technology is pretty boring, acting like a web remote a la Google’s Leanback, not a live stream that can take over public screens.

The Times Square Hack, For Realz This Time