ThinkModo’s Goes Worldwide Viral With Latest Hoax

ThinkModo's Michael Krivicka

“We’ve had hits before, but this is a grandslam,” says James Percelay of his firm’s latest video exploit, a short film purporting to show a man hacking the video screens in Times Square. “We hit a million views in 72 hours and became the number one most tweeted video, currently the number one viral video in 50 countries around the world.”

Percelay is co-founder, along with Michael Krivicka, of ThinkModo, a new school ad agency geared towards producing this kind of controversy. While this ad has generated tons of press, it also got plenty of negative comments from New York’s digital set.

“If some people weren’t reacting poorly, then we haven’t done our jobs,” says Percelay. Many of the comments connected the video to a high profile film, and so assumed it was an expensive corporate stunt. “It’s still just me and Michael. We bought eight dollars worth of electronic equipment and stuck it on the top of an iPhone and got people to believe we hacked Times Square.”

Of course, ThinkModo did pay for screen time on the big board, which is how they got the shot. “That’s part of it. People want to know not just how we did it, but for whom. That’s part of the game.”

ThinkModo’s Goes Worldwide Viral With Latest Hoax