Vroom! Vroom! BMW Ventures Doubles Prize As Roadify Nabs Big Apps Prize

Some serious synergy going on here folks. Last month BMW iVentures announced the first investment from its new $100 million “mobility” fund would be going to MyCityWay, the winner of last year’s Big Apps competition. Tonight the luxury car giants venture arm cozied closer to the city’s software competition. It matched the city’s prize money, doubling the awards from $20,000 to $40,000.

The winner of this year’s big apps? Roadify, a crowd sourced transit app that helps users avoid traffic, catch mass transit and even find parking spots, in Park Slope no less. Relying on a mix of public and private data, the app began in Brooklyn, but has expanded to the rest of the city.

Second prize went to Sportaneous, an app that helps folks to organize spontaneous sports, in the spirit of white people jumping on the court at West 4th street for some pickup basketball and injuring themselves. Third prize, Parking Finder, snagged third prize and the “investor’s choice” for being most likely to actually make some dough.

“New York is a very interesting laboratory for us,” says BMW iVentures managing director Joerg Reimann. “There is very low individual car ownership, a lot of intermodal travel and a mix of dense urban area close to suburban sprawl. We are especially impressed by the way the city was willing to share data with developers, a model we would like to see adopted in European cities like Berlin, Paris and London.”

Couple quick highlights: the number of votes from the public more than doubled since last year and honorable mention and the student award go to DontEat.at, a sweet Foursquare integration from Max Stoller that let’s users know about health code violations when they check in to an eatery.




  Vroom! Vroom! BMW Ventures Doubles Prize As Roadify Nabs Big Apps Prize