“Wave energy” proposed as cleaner source of renewable energy

TRENTON – Proponents of hydroelectric energy gave testimony before the Assembly Telecommunications and Utilities Committee  on Monday morning, saying that source of energy is one of the cleanest and more reliable sources of energy that remains largely untapped in the states.

George Ventz of Clean Wave Energy LLC gave a presentation of one of the hydropower facilities he envisioned could be established along the Jersey coastline. He described the facility as “a very large cork floating in the ocean that is hooked to an underwater piston that would pump water to a hydroelectric generator.”

Ventz said while more than 60 percent of the world is powered by “wave energy,” only about 7 percent of the United States is presently.

The facility would be located 3 miles off the coastline.

New Jersey doesn’t consider wave energy to be at the same level as solar or wind technology, Wentz said, and he hopes that will change in the future.

Assemblyman Wayne DeAngelo said he liked the idea and design, saying it’s something “different” for the East Coast. “Wave energy” proposed as cleaner source of renewable energy