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A decade after the dot-com bust, it all seems like a hazy dream, doesn’t it? Like maybe it never really happened at all? Look around: The New York tech scene is as exuberant and as wild-eyed as ever. What in God’s name are we all thinking!?!

The last thing a scene like this needs is another tech blog rushing to aggregate the same hyperbole you can read all over the Web. Betabeat isn’t here to bring you the fifth take on the day’s funding news or another rundown of the cool new features in the latest mobile app update. We’re about the characters who make this scene hum: the ambitious young angels, the eccentric hackers and the non-stop networkers. We’re here to take you behind closed doors for an inside look at how the deals really get done.

About that exuberance, we understand the impulse. We get it. And from time to time, sure, Betabeat will shake the pom poms with the best of them. But expect a healthy dose of skepticism as well. We’re not cynical or heartless, but we’re not afraid to call bullshit when the need arises (whattup, AdKeeper!).

That said, we’re suckers for audacious, change-the-world gambles, and we’re all too aware that failure can often be a precursor to mind-boggling success. So along with those stirring tales of victory that keep us all in the game, we’ll offer the stories of the start-ups that are running on fumes, fumbling for a pivot, or hustling for that #tigerblood moment when their service will suddenly capture the eye of the mainstream.

There is something uniquely invigorating about building or funding a start-up in New York, where the growing tech sector sits just a few subway stops from the industries it’s so brazenly disrupting. But despite all the drama fomented by that singular proximity, no media outlet remains dedicated to covering the inner workings of Silicon Alley from the local level.

That’s our mission. It’s going to be fun.

—The Editors

Welcome to Betabeat…