When Charlie King Met Robert Jackson

This was bound to happen.

After pretending not to know the Democrats who signed a letter urging Governor Cuomo to rethink his budget cutbacks, the state party’s executive director accidentally bumps into one of them.

Jimmy Vielkind:

Almost on cue, New York City Councilman Robert Jackson walked by.

The Harlem Democrat has been skeptical of Cuomo’s plans for a new, fiscally conservative Democratic agenda since May.

“The Democratic State Committee should represent all Democrats across New York State, not Andrew Cuomo, our governor, who is also a Democrat,” Jackson said. “I think the Democratic State Committee needs to espouse positions of Democrats across the state, and not just the leader of our state.”

King insisted this was proper.

“Absolutely. The Democratic Party and the Republican Party have taken stands supporting governors for time immemorial, so it’s nothing new,” King said.

“It’s not going to create a rift at all, even those who signed whatever-it-is urging the governor to reconsider different issues stand 100 percent behind the governor, were very active in supporting the governor to get him elected. This is a new time, change is not an easy thing to bring about. You’ve got to change cultures, you’ve got to change attitudes. We’re willing to do whatever it takes to get that done, so it’s not going to be a rift at all. I’ve talked to people who agree with me, I’ve talked to people who disagree with me. As long as the conversation lines of communications are open, I think that’s terrific.”

“Just because they have a view that is different than the governor’s…does not mean that they do not fit into the Democratic Party,” King said.

When Charlie King Met Robert Jackson