Wisniewski wants Buono and Vitale to give him lottery numbers

NEW BRUNSWICK – A day after PolitickerNJ.com wrote about a potential Democratic Party gladiatorial contest between Buono and Vitale, Dem Redistricting Chairman John Wisniewski said it’s time for everyone to dial it down.

“This is a tempest in a teapot,” Wisniewski said of the matchup. “People were responding to snippets that may or may not have bearing on the final impact. The comments by senators Vitale and Buono do a disservice to the process.”

The redistricting process is not well served by a blow by blow, he added.

“I’m confident that Senator Vitale was gravely mistaken as to my intentions,” said Wisniewski, speaking to the outcome of a Buono v. Vitale map – namely the possibility that he could dominate his own district and become a senator.

“If they know the outcome,” he added, “I would like them to give me the numbers for tomorrow’s lottery.”

The Buono v. Vitale scenario sparked a conflagration among progressives who saw the head-to-head as a blatant power play by the bosses to both clear some left-leaning senators off the deck while destroying some of the last remnants of the Codey faction that tried to go up against Sweeney a year and a half ago and lost. Buono was with Sweeney against Codey, but insiders continue to see her as a threat to Sweeney as a 2013 gov nod. The other prospective take downs on the map include Codey himself, Vitale, state Sen. John Girgenti and state Sen. Bob Gordon, both Codey loyalists.

Wisniewski wants Buono and Vitale to give him lottery numbers