You Must Remember This: Katie Couric Counts the Minutes!

Plenty happens daily in this town. How to keep it all straight? Time to test your memory!

–What is CBS offering while trying to keep their very expensive asset, Katie Couric, and keep her away from the Evening News, along with a promised gig on 60 Minutes? (And–extra credit!–who do you think leaked the story that CBS is desperate to keep Ms. Couric around and wants to give her prestigious jobs?)

–What New York Times critic has a bone to pick with Oprah–over poetry?

–But why can’t you or your blogger, humble peasants we, read the critic’s original invective, unless you’re a hacker or a recycling-bin diver (or, gasp, a Times subscriber)?

–Which comment thread is attracting the most gleefully manic shouts of conspiracy (and uses of the word “sheeple”!) the mainstream Internet has seen in quite some time?

–Which upcoming movie’s poster looks like a highbrow version of those awful photomosaics?

–Which non-Angels in America classic gay straight play is building up its cast for a revival?

–After the upcoming action tentpole Battleship, based on the arduous board game, what board-game-themed movie is actually happening? (Hint: prospective characters include “Princess Frostine and Gramma Nutt as well as the evil Lord Licorice.”) :: @DPD_

You Must Remember This: Katie Couric Counts the Minutes!