$42 million in snow removal costs for FY2011

TRENTON – Senators praised Transportation Commissioner Jim Simpson Wednesday for the great job done on clearing snow during the record snowstorms this past winter.

Sen. Brian Stack, (D-33 ), of Union City,  praised Simpson for the “excellent” job he and his department did to remove the snow from the major roadways. He said the towns need to contribute more toward the snow-cleaning effort, and not just rely on DOT manpower.

“There’s no attempt by the municipalities,” he said about them clearing major roadways in their municipalities. “They need to step up to the plate.”

During a Senate Budget Committee hearing, he also praised Simpson and Gov. Chris Christie for making the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey “give a damn” by investing in the state. The bi-state agency is anticipated to invest some $1.8 billion for projects.

Stack said for too long the port authority has  treated New Jersey like “a step child.”

Sen. Mike Doherty, ( R-23), of Washington, also praised the snow-removal efforts. He added that Simpson made the “proper decision” on killing the ARC tunnel, saying going forward with it would be equivalent to “the big dig,” a reference to a controversial project in Boston several years ago.

Sandra Cunningham, (D-31), of Jersey City also praised the great work that was done to clean the roadways of snow.

Simpson said some $42 million was spent on snow removal. Between $10 million and $12 million was originally budgeted for that purpose.

About the same amount is earmarked for FY 2012

  $42 million in snow removal costs for FY2011