A Million Little Cups of Tea

Posing in what appears to be a field of wheat in Bozeman, Montana, Greg Mortenson gave his response to allegations by Jon Krakauer and 60 Minutes that his memoirs of charity work in Afghanistan are fabricated to the obvious place for a redemptive interview: Outside magazine. Placing partial blame on his ghostwriter, Mr. Mortenson admits to “some omissions and compressions” and that “I would squawk about it and be told that it would all work out.”

“Although this is irrelevant in American culture, it’s worth noting that in the Balti language of northeast Pakistan, there is little or no emphasis on tenses, and ‘now’ can mean a few minutes, weeks, or even a whole season,” he said to Outside. “The Balti find westerners’ emphasis on time confusing.”

Viking, which published Greg Mortenson’s memoirs Three Cups of Tea and Stones Into School, has told Publisher’s Weekly that they are reviewing the situation, along with a forthcoming children’s book called Listen to the Children: The Story of Dr. Greg and Stones Into Schools.

Today is the last day to download Jon Krakauer’s investigation of Greg Mortenson’s Three Cups of Tea for free on Byliner. Krakauer once donated $75,000 to Mortenson, which he obviously now regrets. A Million Little Cups of Tea