Are You Kidding Me? The Ratio Rocks.

So I’ve been hanging out in the New York tech scene for a couple months, and I realized something: There’s


So I’ve been hanging out in the New York tech scene for a couple months, and I realized something: There’s way more guys than girls! Has anyone else noticed this?

I first noticed that all the CEOs were guys. Then I noticed that all the people at hackathons were guys. Then I realized that all the VCs are guys! Then, I got on a bus and it was all guys. Some staff members of some start-ups are girls, though, and some tech bloggers are also girls.

I know some people out there feel that this gender imbalance is bad for some reason, but I just wanted to take this moment to talk about how lucky it makes me feel to be one of a few girls in the tech scene.

Ladies, next time you feel awkward or out of place, think of the perks. First the obvious–the ratio is pretty great for a single girl! When I first started hanging out in New York tech, one guy who is my age but wayyy richer and smarter told me at a start-up party that I could have sex with him if I wanted to (and that his co-founder was also available for sex). This is going to be great, I thought. It was very flattering; I didn’t even have to flirt with him.

I love founder boys! They’re so confident!

Being a girl also gets me invited to all the parties and events because the organizers don’t want to have a lame dude party or look like they’re not changing the ratio. Perpetuating the notion that women in tech are less interesting and accomplished than men in tech is a small price to pay for complimentary tech bubble drinks, IMO. It’s not like I’m gonna raise my own mil anytime soon, you know?

Another great thing about the gender ratio in tech is panels about women in tech. If you’re a female with even the slightest connection to the tech scene, you know you can always get on some panel somewhere to talk about this stuff (and some women tech Twitter lists, and lists of 100 people in tech, etc.). Soon it will be Internet Week, and I’m going to as many women in tech panels as I can. I learn something new every time.

The last but not least thing that’s great about the lack of women in tech: Pageviews! If you ever need a pageview boost, or you feel like your blog has been a little dry in the comments section, you can always throw up a post about how there are no women in tech. It’s always news because it’s always true, and you can pick any piece of tech news and make it about women. Let’s look at TechMeme’s biggest story today, for example: Amazon had a data center go down. Easy. Amazon’s CEO is a man! Post about how the outage could have been prevented if Amazon’s CEO were a woman, as women are known to take fewer risks. Or just write about how everyone is talking about Amazon’s outage when they should be talking about the gender ratio in tech, which is a much more important issue than Reddit being down for a few hours. The key is to get the one militant misogynist who wanders over from Hacker News into leaving some really offensive comment so 80 people feel compelled to respond!

To all my tech ladies: I hope this makes you feel better about being in the minority. Women in tech have been stressing about how to “change the ratio,” but keeping the ratio is much easier, much less stressful and much more likely to result in us getting free gin and tonics. And if you think there should be more women in tech (whyyy?), the ratio is totally changing by itself . Like, we already got a Girl Scout in charge of the New York Tech Meetup. Everyone–boys and girls–I think we’re good!

Are You Kidding Me? The Ratio Rocks.