Assembly Democrats accuse Christie of ‘lack of leadership’

In the wake of Gov. Chris Christie’s town hall appearance Tuesday at which he criticized the Democratic-led Legislature over numerous issues, including education reform, sick leave payouts, and the millionaire’s tax, Democrats responded quickly.

“The governor’s lack of leadership is appalling and sadly more bad news for New Jerseyans enduring his property tax increases,” Democratic Assembly spokesman Tom Hester Jr. said in a release.

“The governor has been a repeated failure, whether it be his hiking property taxes, stalling job creation, denying women health care or attacking education.

“He should be working with the people’s representatives to solve problems rather than engaging in immature whining. This much is clear about this governor clearly panicking over his inability to lead – he loves giving tax breaks to millionaires while hurting the working class, and the buck surely doesn’t stop with him.”

According to the Democrats, among other things, Christie has increased property taxes by 4.1 percent, the highest increase since 2007; eliminated property tax rebates in 2010; gave a tax cut to millionaires while increasing state taxes and fees by more than $1 billion; and oversaw a loss of 6,000 jobs since taking office while vetoing numerous job creation efforts and eliminating business tax credits.

  Assembly Democrats accuse Christie of ‘lack of leadership’