Awaiting a Gimmie Bar and The API of You

Out on the fringes of web idealism, where theories of the near future are being formed, Betabeat came across the musing of Brooklynite Cameron Koczon, aka Fictive Cameron.

Taking as his starting point Instapaper and Readability, two New York apps enjoying growing success, Koczon identifies the notion of content shifting, taking an article or image from one place and with a single click, making it accessible in a completely different environment.

What this process opens up is the “looming question” of copyright and control. How should creators be rewarded for bringing new music, film or ideas into the world?

One interesting idea is what Koczon dubs the API of you. In much the way that Readability aims to share its proceeds with the publishers from whom it curates articles, one can imagine a world in which better attribution and metadata allow for bits to be monetized as they flow from user to user, app to app.

This is thought provoking stuff, but there is little to suggest that as media moves in this direction, a workable system for rewarding creators is emerging. Perhaps Koczon’s upcoming project, the Gimmie Bar, can deliver a few suggestions.

  Awaiting a Gimmie Bar and The API of You