Ayyy! When LiLo Met Fonzie

The Lindsay Lohan post-rehab goodwill tour made an impromptu stop at Don Hill’s last week at the after-party for the premiere of Ceremony. Henry Winkler was on hand to support his son Max, the film’s director, but LiLo managed to upstage even the Fonz. Indeed, she seemed to be running the show.

“Get them out of here!” a svelte–but healthy-looking!–Ms. Lohan bellowed to a PR flack, referring to the reporters who’d infiltrated the back room. “This is for family only,” a guy next to us explained.

To make up for the outburst, Ms. Lohan agreed to answer one question from the Transom and one from another weekly publication. A reporter from a fashion Web site was out of luck.

As it was clear that Lindz was itching to get back to preening for the paparazzi, we made our inquiry with haste. Now that you’re back, we asked, what’s your greatest career ambition?

“To work with Oliver Stone,” she said, with gusto. “And I’m gonna do whatever I have to do to get it. I’m committed.”

The Transom tried to wedge in a follow-up: How did she plan to make it happen? Seeming a bit flustered, Ms. Lohan stormed off. Ayyy! When LiLo Met Fonzie