Best Etsy Practices for Sellers

Etsy promotion: This is how you do it.

Crafty Etsyite Alycia of The Curious Pug, a one-stop for all your felt brooch and iPod cozy needs, has posted an exhaustive list of tips–“Long List of Tips and Tricks for Etsy Sellers”–for new sellers on her blog.

The entrepreneurial Alycia (last name anon) uses her blog to promote her Etsy shop, but she has a hefty enough readership to sells sponsored ads on the sidebar.

Tips include:

1. Taking great pictures is KEY! Make sure they are well lit and clear. Use the “macro” function with closeups.
22. Don’t buy your packing supplies from the post office. RIP OFF! Instead, check out or
26. Thinking about taking custom orders? It would be wise to take a non-refundable 50% deposit from the customer before you even begin.
33. List your items at different times of the day and never all at once to get maximum exposure.
34. Keep your shop section titles simple. Don’t o v e r u s e s p a c e s t o l o o k c o o l. Google search results won’t pick them up when they crawl your shop.

The post garnered 72 comments and a tweet from the official Etsy account. “Etsy tweeted about my long list of #EtsyTips for sellers Sponsors, you just got exposed to 700 views in 1 day!” Alycia tweeted to her 1,900+ followers.

Best Etsy Practices for Sellers