Betaworks Is Building a Big New Gaming Company

New York’s premier digital studio, betaworks, is preparing to launch its first gaming company, MadRaces.

MadRaces will be an “core company” alongside Chartbeat, and Social Flow, not an investment like Buglabs or Tweetdeck.

The most interesting part? It will be a real-time game against people in your vicinity. Betaworks was built around the growth in the real-time and social web, but it has always been about understanding and facilitating flows of information, not entertainment.

The company is still at the seed stage and presently looking for a co-founder who is an iOS developer to lead the project and determine the technical direction of the company and design the initial product.

It’s going to be a big effort, somewhere between 10-25 employees, which is substantially larger than other betaworks companies when they began.

Betaworks has been expanding quite a bit in recent weeks, recently adding their first Entrepreneur in Residence, Jake Levine, from The Ladders.

Through, which passed 8 billion links this last month, betaworks has an incredible view into how people are consuming and sharing information. It will be really interesting to see if they tap into this resource when building a geo-specific game.

Co-founder John Borthwick believes in the power of vibrant, temporary communities of interest, so perhaps that is a hint as to how the game will work.


Networked Media presentation on betaday from John Borthwick on Vimeo.

Betaworks Is Building a Big New Gaming Company