Bradley Tusk Explains His Education Meetings

In Daniel Massey’s story this weekend, he has info about meetings Christine Quinn attended with education advocates, that were organized by Bradley Tusk. 

In an email, Tusk has more to say about the meetings those meetings:

“The specifics of what Danny was referring to was the beginning phases of meetings and outreach from the education reform community to the likely candidates. We’re doing some of it one on one. Some in groups. Some formal. Some informal. But we expect and intend to be a major force in the election and want to see where each candidate stands on our issues.”

Massey also added some counter-intuitive ideas about how Wal-Mart’s arrival can be a boon to Quinn. “Smoothing Walmart’s arrival would help her with the building trades and some black voters, who want the jobs the retailer would bring,” he wrote. An unnamed Quinn aide offered a slightly different explanation of the coalition they’re assembling to David Freedlander. Bradley Tusk Explains His Education Meetings