Brooklyn Bridge Park Gets First Retail: Doggy Spa and Wine Store

Brooklyn’s not-so-little waterfront condo conversion that could has signed its first two retail leases.

Despite the sweeping harbor views, sales at 1 Brooklyn Bridge Park were initially sluggish, until a triplex penthouse in the building smashed the modest Brooklyn condo price record with an $8.495 million sale. With so many captive BroBos, the only question remained: What to do with that 72,000 square feet of retail space?

The answers will not surprise you. Brooklyn Bridge Bark, a high-end pet boutique, has signed one of the inaugural leases for 1,760 square feet of ground-floor space on Park Drive in a long-term deal. “One Brooklyn Bridge, being right next to the Pier 6 Dog Run in this gorgeous park,” said John Squires, president of Brooklyn Bridge Bark, in a statement, “is a prime location that lends itself to … playful exchange and social activity.”

Meanwhile, Waterfront Wines and Spirits, which specializes in boutique European wines and organic beverages, has leased 1,170 square feet on Joralemon Street in a long-term deal. “The building is an ideal location for a boutique wine store,” said Donald Killinger, a partner in the company along with Maio Martinez and Ben Bohen. “We think we’re a perfect amenity for both the residents of the building and the larger neighborhood around us.” For an added dash of drama, the new space is being designed by Tony-nominated scene designer Alexander Dodge.

Winick’s Diana D. Boutross and Lee Block, along with Ian Levine of Spandrel Property Services represented the landlord and tenants in both deals. 

Never fear, with enough retail space available to start a small strip mall, including two restaurant spaces and potential for a 30,000-square-foot supermarket location, the most pressing needs of Brooklyn Heights’ 30-somethings won’t go unmet for long. “We have been working with many different tenants,” Ms. Boutross said. “There has been a lot of interest in the restaurant locations in particular, but also from day spas, sporting and bicycle companies and apparel tenants.”  Brooklyn Bridge Park Gets First Retail: Doggy Spa and Wine Store