Can Betaworks Social Juice Make a Paywall Work with

Ok, here is an interesting proposition. What if you started paying to read sites like Gizmodo, Mashable and Business Insider? No, these publishers aren’t building their own pay walls like some Grey Ladies we know. But if users want to read them in hip, socialized, tablet native app like, they better get ready for some subscription fees.

Peter Kafka landed on a site dedicated to, a project that originated with the NYT R&D lab but was then spun out to betaworks, which has the data about how people share some 8 billion links each month, raw fuel to power a great social reading experience. A subscription will cost $0.99 a week or $34.99 a year.

For the price, you get a clean, Instapaper style view of articles from the participating publishers. Users can also peek at the streams of other users, a sort of Being John Malkovich experience that may prove interesting for news junkies caught in a RSS rut. For privacy’s sake you can only peek into the streams of folks who follow you on Twitter.

There is no official word on when Apple will approve this app, so its possible the website will prove to be nothing but a big tease for a while longer. Can Betaworks Social Juice Make a Paywall Work with