Caroline McCarthy Out of the Tech Blogging Game; Heading to Googleplex

CNET’s New York-based social media reporter Caroline McCarthy is out of the tech blogging game and on to presumably better-remunerated things at Google.

“I want to thank you for your support, insight, inspiration, and amusement over the course of my five years as a journalist with CBS/CNET.  My last day at the company is May 6. Following ten days that will be divided up between a remote cabin somewhere in Northern California and the annual overnight Ragnar Relay from Woodstock to Westchester, I’m starting a new chapter at Google,” she wrote in an email to friends this morning.

Ms. McCarthy will be based out of New York but continue to visit the Bay Area frequently, as she has in her capacity as a tech reporter. She’ll miss the fourth estate, she said, but is understandably excited about the new position on Google’s Trends and Insights project, which is “working to bring the company’s massive amounts of data and research to life and helping to spread more digital trend research and forecasting throughout Google.”

“I’ll be on a very small and entrepreneurial team and I hope it won’t be long before you get to see what we’re going to be working on,” she teased.

Betabeat asked Ms. McCarthy which posts were her favorite from her time at CNET. “Definitely my review of The Social Network,” she answered. “That was just…fun.”

Ms. McCarthy started at when she was 21 as an entry-level gadget blogger. She’s managed her own blog, The Social, where she covers social media, e-commerce, advertising and entrepreneurship, since July 2007, and has broken news on everything from big companies like Facebook and, yeah, Google, to small start-ups in the New York and the Bay Area. Caroline McCarthy Out of the Tech Blogging Game; Heading to Googleplex