Christie wants emissions from Pa. plant drastically reduced

The Christie administration Wednesday asked the Environmental Protection Agency to force a Pennsylvania power plant to dramatically reduce emissions.

Department of Environmental Protection Commissioner Bob Martin, at a public hearing in Warren County, urged the EPA to force a coal-fired plant to cut emissions of sulfur dioxide by 95 percent. The EPA proposes an 81 percent cutback.

The administration argues the emissions pose a health threat to North Jersey residents.

Testifying at an EPA hearing in Oxford, Martin  said that the Christie Administration supports  the EPA’s proposal — based on the DEP’s Clean Air Act petition — to require the power plant, operated by GenOn Energy (formerly Reliant or RRI Energy) to immediately take steps to cut its sulfur dioxide emissions. New Jersey is seeking a 50 percent emissions reduction in the first year and 95 percent over three years.

“It is unacceptable to have a single power plant on New Jersey’s border emitting more sulfur dioxide and mercury than all of New Jersey’s coal-, oil- and gas-fired power plants combined,” Martin testified.

“New Jersey is not asking this power plant to do anything that our own state’s coal-fired power plants have not already done,” Martin said. Christie wants emissions from Pa. plant drastically reduced