Color Hopes Reese Witherspoon Can Justify its Monster Funding

When the mobile photo sharing app Color launched three weeks ago, its $41 million in funding from big name VCs like Sequoia raised a howl across the web.

A lot users who tried Color had a horrible first experience, since the whole point is to see photos being shared by folks around you, and very few people were using the app.

CEO Bill Nguyen said the technology is what justifies the big raise. We would have an easier time swallowing that, if they weren’t already using celebrity PR stunts to push the product. This weekend Color partnered with 20th Century Fox to promote the premier of Reese Witherspoon’s new movie, Water for Elephants.

“With such a big following of Robert Pattinson and Reese Witherspoon, people will be camping out just to get to the front of the barricades,” Color co-founder Peter Pham told the Hollywood reporter, comparing the app to a visual Twitter. “It’ll give you a really good sense of what it’s like from the fan’s perspective. It’s not the high-def professional cameraman taking the photos perched in a specific spot.”

So heads up all you lazy, near-sighted or unfortunately short Reese Witherspoon fans; this is your chance to experience blurry cell phone shots of your favorite celeb without spending hours and hours camping out next to the Zigfield. Can’t you imagine using this app every day?

Color Hopes Reese Witherspoon Can Justify its Monster Funding