Conaway meets with president over Medicare, Medicaid

Doctor and Assemblyman Herb Conaway, (D-7), Burlington,  met with President Obama on Friday at the White House to discuss plans to reform and strengthen Medicare and Medicaid by reducing waste and improving quality of care.

Conaway said in a release that he visited the White House as part of a National Conference of State Legislatures delegation that also met with the president’s economic and health care advisors. Conaway is the chairman of the Assembly Health and Senior Services Committee and a practicing doctor.

He met in the Oval Office with the president.

“These vital programs are lifelines for many middle-class and poor New Jerseyans,” Conaway said. “We need to make sure they remain solvent and efficient, and that’s what today’s discussions are all about. The president is looking to cut waste, increase accountability, promote efficiency and improve the quality of care, all without shifting more costs to senior citizens and those with disabilities. This is a complex issue, but the president’s approach is the right one.”

Conaway said the president’s reforms will help efforts to expand access to insurance, increase consumer protections, emphasize healthy living and curb increasing health care costs. Conaway meets with president over Medicare, Medicaid